Since 2003, the Agenda Trade Show has brought together the most influential buyers, dealers, and brand evangelists in street-wear and action sports fashion under one platform. From its inception, Agenda has featured brands in every stage of the life-cycle, from the garage-run lines on the cusp to the industry’s elite. The Agenda experience is defined by its emphasis on the aesthetic aspects of style, art, music, and culture. Those appreciative of these aspects are welcome at Agenda, where the trade show experience is not intimidating or pretentious, but real and inspiring.

Previously this week, (HY.GEN.IC) collaborated with Agenda Sponsor FlexFit to uphold the vision of the Agenda Trade Show. Andy Song served as the Creative Director for this collaboration while Corbin Cones curated the work of three members from the (HY.GEN.IC) Artist Network: Grady Brannan, Dylan Ozanich, and Lucas Farrar.

It was an honor for the (HY.GEN.IC) to collaborate with FlexFit, a brand that recognizes, appreciates and fosters adaptability in the progression of life and art. The collaboration was a success to say the least as both brands mutually benefited from the joint effort. The mission of (HY.GEN.IC) is to link like-minded artists and aspiring creatives of various mediums under a single sustainable network where as FlexFit aims to create a better global community through harnessing creativity, originality, and innovation.

___________________________________________________________________________________________ Artist Profile

Grady Brannan – (HY.GEN.IC) SF

Grady is a gifted young photographer who has sought to preserve the many erratic moments that he never wants to forget. His perfect blend of skill, aspiration, and enthusiasm has garnered him success and recognition in a relatively short amount of time. Grady’s list of collaborations include, but are not limited to, Billboard Magazine, Thrasher Magazine, and most recently, Butchershop CreativeHe is also the co-founder of Techibeats, an online platform dedicated to providing the electronic music fan base with top quality music from minds who understand it. All are privy to Grady’s many thoughts and experiences via his photography.

Dylan Ozanich – (HY.GEN.IC) SF

As one half of the San Francsico-based art tandem Devoir Art Collective, Dylan Ozanich’s artistic versatility is evident in his fashion, landscape, and portrait photography. Using the sights and sounds of San Francisco as his inspiration, Dylan has managed to seize truly unique and eccentric moments in time; he captures the everyday struggles as well as the simplest of beauties. His photography is grounded in the notion that the rawness of his surroundings is what produces the aesthetic and emotional value in his craft.

Lucas Farrar – (HY.GEN.IC) NYC

Lucas Farrar was born in New York, raised in Maryland, and influenced by the District of Columbia. His path is akin to that of a rolling stone rather than the by-product of any one particular city and his aesthetic has been distinctly influenced by all three locales. He notes that his photography is primarily focused and inspired by the dynamic East Coast hip-hop scene. Lucas possesses the rare talent of capturing images that are kinetic and fraught with power, yet elegant and serene. His work epitomizes the idiom, “a moment captured in time”. Lucas currently shoots for Respect Magazine and is the founder of the “The Far Fetched Future“.


Source: The (HY.GEN.IC)