07 Beautiful Makeup Tips When Taking Photos Outdoors

Imagine this: tomorrow You have an important shooting session to get a new photo posted to the site. You already have a good photographer, three “bait” suits, and a great photo spot. You decided to go to hair and makeup and now you’re a little worried about that, wondering if you’re beautiful on screen, or for a goal you have high expectations for? How would you feel if you looked like a perfectly beautiful supermodel, or looked like one of the top hot girls in Vietnam?

Girls don’t worry, We will help you! Onelike has taken hundreds of photoshoots, and we will share with you our 5 most effective tips to ensure your beauty after makeup is perfect for the camera, when taking photos or go to the MV, and you can confidently go out to dinner at a favorite restaurant.

Start with the absolute moisturizing of the skin

Use a light, non-greasy moisturizer to nourish your skin and moisturize it. You do not pay much attention to the SPF. SPF should only be considered when going to the beach and often not good when taking photos with flash. And if you don’t know if your photographer uses the flash or not, then you should be disciplined. Makeup will look better with moisturized skin and it will make your skin younger and fresher. I use it …… in my kit, and You can use your favorite moisturizer that suits your skin.

Beautiful Makeup Tips When Taking Photos Outdoors

You have to make sure your skin is not glare and reflective

What we mean is that you don’t want your skin to be shiny and reflective, you want it to be uniform in color. Glare skin won’t eat photos when taking photos or videos, and will look like You have oily skin, it reflects too much light, and it messes up the photo. If your skin is dry, you should not worry too much. If your skin is greasy, you can use an anti-greasy cream or lining to absorb and prevent glare. The two products that us make up likes to use are:… Benefit or Make Up For Ever…

You need to limit the use of bright, sparkling or reflective products when applying makeup

Food should not be sparkling and just a little bit if you feel it is indispensable. These types of products reflect very strong light. If I need to increase lighting products for clients during the shoot, we make sure that the level is only very small, and only adds a bit of extra distinction. I can add a little glow to the inner corners of the eyes, on the top of the cheekbones, and the curve of the upper lip. We like the product … of Hourglass Cosmetics. These products are very delicate and gorgeous, and there are 6 shades to choose from for all skin types.

Create flawless skin

Usually, you want the entire skin to be flawless, along with the use of loose powders and powders. You want your skin to look really flat and beautiful. You want your products to have sufficient coverage to cover red spots, stains, or discolored areas on the skin, or black patches, and of course, no glare and reflection. If your skin is flat, flawless, you can use a slightly thinner product such as Make Up For Ever … It helps you evenen skin tone and look like a tan. But if you want greater coverage, use Make Up For Ever … It will cover everything you want and look like real skin.

You will need more color for your face than you think

You don’t want your face to look gray, and you want your special features to stand out. That means you need more blush, contour / make up, for you and your lips more than you think you’ll need. You take your selfie phone to make sure your makeup is outstanding, and You ask Your photographer if you can see the light shades at the beginning of the shoot. Remember to wear makeup in case it needs a little extra milking.

Draw eyes

You will connect with the audience with your eyes, and you want it to stand out. To accentuate your eyes when taking a photo, you must use eyeliner (eyeliner) on the top of the lashes, and also at the bottom of the lashes, or at least under the eyeliner with a medium-colored eyeshadow. You create areas for wrinkles, eye sockets, and blend the edges with a fine-bristle brush. And don’t forget mascara, at least 2 layers. You will get bonus points for using fake eyelashes!

Do you take pictures all day?

You need to use the setting spray to maintain makeup until the end. You can also use translucent powder and absorbent paper to seal the shiny areas. The spray that we like to use is Make Up For Ever … It helps you to keep your face makeup all day long, retaining a fresh look and avoiding smudging.

Above are some of us share for you who are planning to go outside shooting but do not know what makeup to suit.

Wish you have beautiful photos.