How do you hone your creativity?

Most of the time honing my creativity starts when I am outside or away from my workspace.  Waking up super early with a hot cup of coffee and a bao will get things rolling.  I guess the key is that I need to start moving – be that on a bicycle, skateboard, bus, train, or simply walking – and the creativity will slowly creep in.  Seeing people move around from different vantage points (and speeds) tend to spark a chain reaction of ideas.  From there I write down the idea on a scrap of paper to build on it later.  As soon as the sun sets, I turn up my headphones and get to work.  Listening to different types of music is essential to my creative process.  Working in the evening for me is much more calming and progressively gets better the later I stay up.

What is your style in fashion?

Simple & functional.  I don’t need tassels or that glitter business flying around all over the seat of my pants.  When cruising around the city keeping things as basic as possible clears my mind up to enjoy the ride.