Luke Martorelli and Simon Christen. Names you should remember. Luke and Simon are our photographers who have collaboratively shot the B+L lookbooks for the past two seasons. You’re probably wondering why we used two photographers, when most brands only need one. In our opinion, the more the merrier. We’re able to capture moments that would otherwise be missed with just one photographer.

When these two photographers shoot lookbook photos, they feed off of eachother while simultaneously seeing unique pieces of the same scene. The creative energy allows the B+L team to work together, experimenting until the best shot possible is achieved.

After a shoot, we filter through 3-4,000 photos, nixing the bad ones and looking critically at the rest. We end up with 15-20 stellar photos. The process can take days.

There are plenty more great photos in our hard drive, but we wanted to share some of the photos, albeit amazing, that didn’t quite make the lookbook. Hope you enjoy!